CIO Services from Wiss

Technology is so entrenched in today's business landscape that it's given rise to countless new departments and jobs. Sitting atop the mountain is Chief Information Officer, who oversees and directs IT strategy and policies.

While computers and networks are an integral part of your company, you may not want or need a full-time CIO. Wiss offers a full range of CIO services that perfectly bridge the gap between hiring an in-house CIO and going the DIY route.

Why Outsource Your CIO?

A CIO is required to keep an incredible diversity of plates spinning. Responsibilities include maintaining, upgrading and troubleshooting the entire IT infrastructure, which has an infinite number of moving parts.

When you partner with Wiss, you reap the benefits of an advisory team that devotes combined knowledge and experience to implement and support your vision. We stay on top of new developments and innovations in the worlds of business and technology, leaving you free to concentrate on running and growing your business.

What to Expect from Wiss CIO Services

IT Assessment

Few things can stop a business in its tracks like an inadequate IT system. Our team can perform a comprehensive IT assessment to uncover redundancies, inefficiencies and other potential problems. Once the review is completed, we'll compose a written report including recommendations for corrections and improvements.

Strategic Planning

Business plans are the road maps that steer you toward your goals. Wiss works closely with you to get a clear, in-depth understanding of your vision so we can define short-, medium- and long-term plans to shape the direction of your IT system in relation to the direction of your business.

Project Management

While projects are specific endeavors that have a defined beginning and end, they call for the same careful planning that goes into your overall operations. Our team has extensive experience in project management that we can apply to maximize efficiency, resulting in successful projects that come in on time and budget.

Moves and Relocations

A company move is even less appealing than a personal move, but sometimes it's necessary. Wiss can help you manage a smooth transition with a minimum of disruption to your employees and work processes.

We consider ourselves more than just a supplier. Our Wiss advisory team has a singular goal of helping you achieve all of yours.