Virtual CFO Services

You're facing a quandary with your small business: you understand that it's vital to have an experienced hand steering the financial side, but a full-time CFO is just not in the budget. It seems your only option is to take on the job yourself, learning as you go, but mistakes you make along the way can prove even more costly.

Fortunately, there's an alternative that solves your dilemma beyond your greatest expectations. Outsourcing a virtual CFO from Wiss allows you to enjoy the advantages of our extensive financial expertise in a form that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

Broader Range of Knowledge and Experience

Partnering with Wiss provides you with more than just a CFO. You get the dedicated services of our advisory team, with each highly experienced member bringing specific knowledge and skills to the table.

In addition, we have filled a number of roles for companies in a diverse range of industries as well as public sector and not-for-profit organizations. As a result, we can address the challenges of your business from different perspectives for quicker, more effective problem-solving.

More Objective Viewpoints

An in-house CFO can develop loyalties and form agendas that may not be in the best interests of your business. Our only concern is helping you reach your goals, so we can offer clear and unbiased advice for decision-making.


Qualified CFOs command top dollar, which means hiring a full-time CFO can strain your budget. Instead of paying a fixed salary along with benefits and other perks, you can get a team of advisors from Wiss at a cost that's based on our services.


The requirements of your business will change over time as your company grows. We stay agile to maintain the flexibility to grow right along with you and adapt to your company's shifting needs.


You didn't start your business to spend your time interpreting spreadsheets or creating an accounting system. Let Wiss handle the financial side so you can concentrate on acquiring clients and growing your business.

Running a successful business often means thinking outside the box. Redefine the CFO position by partnering with Wiss Advisory Services.