Sexual Harassment Policy Review and Training

Laying out a clear, effective workplace harassment policy is an essential administrative step for any business. But because the topic is so sensitive, it may be difficult to determine whether or not your policy is up to par. If you’re seeking professional assistance in developing your workplace sexual harassment policy and providing your employees with the appropriate sexual harassment training, get in touch with Wiss today.

The Importance of Your Sexual Harassment Policy and Training

The creation of a robust sexual harassment policy is essential not only to comply with workplace laws, but to help promote a positive, productive and comfortable workplace for all employees. Because the United States places the task of workplace sexual harassment prevention on the employer, it falls on administration to devise rules that address these topics at length. Fortunately, with years of industry experience, the experts at Wiss can review your current policy and help you apply updates or create a policy that suits your needs.

In addition to a clear, well-communicated policy, sexual harassment training is also essential in the workplace. Such training provides your employees with a comprehensive look into the topic of workplace harassment, helping to ensure a thorough understanding of your company's policy and the appropriate behavior within the work environment.

Training typically covers the following subjects:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace
  • How to prevent sexual harassment
  • How to report a sexual harassment incident
  • Supervisor reponsibilities
  • Steps to take once a complaint is made

Enlist Wiss for Expert Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Services

As part of our comprehensive selection of HR advisory services, Wiss offers professional sexual harassment policy guidance and training. Learn more by contacting our team by phone at 973-994-9400, or reach out via online form with information on your unique business needs.

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