At Wiss & Company, LLP, we believe that our performance is driven by our people. We work with Champion's Mind to employ the TAIS assessment to ensure a great match between each candidate and our organization. Additionally, we use this data to develop our leaders.


How You Benefit

Test of Attention and Interpersonal Style (TAIS)

The TAIS provides insight into the soft skills that often matter most in a potential employee. Learn how candidates will fit into the team, embrace the corporate culture, and embody the business values.


What TAIS Measures


Integrate the Right People




Dr. Molinaro is a Performance Consultant at Wiss & Company, LLP and runs the Champion’s Mind subsidiary. Dr. Molinaro has over 35 years of experience in providing performance consulting to individuals and organizations. He has worked with Olympic athletes, hedge fund managers, and performing artists. He can be reached at nmolinaro@wiss.com.

Champion’s Mind uses assessment and applied sport psychology to help you reach your potential as an individual and as an organization. We specialize in the mental aspects of performance. To learn more, contact Dr. Molinaro or write to championsmind@wiss.com.