Policy and Procedure Review

All businesses have policies and procedures, whether they comprise formal written documents or unwritten concepts. Because policies and procedures guide your business each and every day, it’s vital that you not only have written manuals, but that you update your policy and procedure documents to stay consistent with laws, your ever-changing business goals and your company’s vision. At Wiss & Company, LLP, our HR consulting services include a comprehensive review of your organization’s current policies and procedures. To learn more about our advisory services, contact us today.

Thorough Assessments of Your Policies and Procedures

When companies grow, enter transitional periods, or are new to the industry, it’s important to revisit and revise policies and procedures to decrease liability, ensure they reflect your practices and boost transparency. If you haven’t taken a look at your policies and procedures manual in quite some time, get in touch with the highly experienced professionals at Wiss.

As part of our HR consulting services, the policy and procedure review identifies instances of inaccurate, incomplete and outdated policies and procedures. Following the review, our HR advisory consultants will work with you to determine how best to address inconsistent practices and policies your company faces on a daily basis as a result of ineffective standards and protocols.

Reach Out to Wiss

Make sure your policies and procedures are accurate, complete and current with a policy and procedure review from the HR professionals at Wiss. Call our experienced team today at 973-994-9400 to discuss your business’s unique goals and needs, or schedule a visit to one of our three office locations in the NY-NJ area. 

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