HR Advisory Services

Adept HR management is an essential building block for any successful business, but maintaining HR programs that truly help your company make the most of its employees is a complex process. There’s plenty of room for error, whether you’re struggling to streamline your hiring process or uncertain whether you’re in full compliance with certain employment laws. That’s why Wiss offers a host of expert human resources advisory services to businesses of all sorts.

What HR Consulting Services Do We Offer?

HR management is a complex topic, so we’ve developed a wide range of services in order to assist with your company’s HR processes, whether you’re dealing with these issues for the first time or facing a transitional period as a veteran business. Our HR advisory services include:

HR Assessment

Our HR assessment involves a comprehensive examination of your company’s HR processes. It offers an opportunity for both long-established businesses and brand-new startups to ensure compliance, minimize the potential for legal issues and boost efficiency. Topics covered include:

HR Process Reviews

These reviews offer a more focused HR improvement experience with all the thoroughness of our HR assessment. Our professionals will cover each desired process at length, identifying areas of improvement and recommending changes to maximize the effectiveness of your HR processes. These reviews cover:

Employee/Benefit Matters

Wiss is also equipped to evaluate and provide guidance for various matters related to employee benefits, which can help maximize employee satisfaction while reducing turnover. These matters include:

Seek Professional HR Assistance

Serving the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area since 1969, Wiss has garnered significant expertise in the realm of human resources. Our team of partners and experts is more than 200 strong, and we’ll utilize the full extent of our capabilities to help your business perfect each and every element of its HR process. Contact Wiss by phone at 973-994-9400, or stop by one of our three offices to discuss your needs today.