12 Days of Self-Care - Day 6: Lexie Chen

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 6: Lexie Chen

By Wiss (311 words)
Posted in Wiss Gets Personal on December 10, 2018

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Self-care is extremely important, especially in an industry like ours.  As such, I try to do everything in my power to ensure that my work/life balance is in check. During the off seasons, when I have more time to myself, I try to unwind by doing the things that I love: eating good food, spending time with the people I care about, travelling and trying to find new and exciting adventures in the area and abroad!

I love to try different cuisines with my family and friends and living in this area allows for a great amount of variety. On the weekends, we love to explore New York City – from perusing modern art at The Whitney to attending Broadway shows or operas at the Lincoln Center, the city checks all my boxes when it comes to self-care activities.

You can almost certainly find me at the shore during the summer weekends – road trips with my boyfriend to Cape May are an all-time favorite. The drive itself is always relaxing – comfortable silences with our favorite music playing in the background and the windows down is absolute bliss. Follow that up with a few hours at the beach and all you can eat crabs at H&H Seafood and you have my ideal self-care regimen.

On the days when I just want to stay in and relax, there’s nothing better to me than ordering something delicious and Netflixing something gritty or re-watching old episodes of The Office! While the road trips and beaches are more occasional, Netflix and Chill is a staple.

All-in-all, I believe I have found the perfect work/life balance. I love my career and when I’m not working on perfecting it, I spend time with the people I cherish doing things that I enjoy that truly give me a peace of mind.

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