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Business Advisory Services

Have you ever wondered why small businesses tend to fail? To start, 82 percent of small businesses fail because of lack of communication and growth. Out of the 1,200 entrepreneurs and small business managers polled in 2015, 39 percent did not have a trusted business advisor. Typical organizations lose, on average, five percent of revenue each year due to fraud. Companies with fewer than 100 employees lose a median of $155,000 each year because they are less likely to have anti-fraud controls. Also to note, 77 percent of business fraud is committed by employees working in accounting, finance, operations, sales, executive management, customer service, or purchasing.

Do you know what business advisory services Wiss offers? The list includes: outsourced/virtual CFO services; business process assessment; accounting department process optimization; financial & management reporting; ERP & accounting system implementation; part-time CFO, controller, & general accounting; cash flow, budget development, & analysis; e-commerce, point-of-sale, & inventory system integrations; accounting department assessments & efficiency optimization, and accounting system conversion & implementation.

There are several advantages of outsourcing a part-time CFO. From improving profitability to enhancing operational efficiencies, part-time CFOs strategize for continued future growth. They also provide accurate and timely in-house financial statements with clearer finances and goals. The part-time CFO serves as a sounding board and advisor for business owners’ key decisions. By outsourcing a part-time CFO, your business has more time to focus on entrepreneurial activities, resulting in tighter internal controls.

It is in your best interest to choose Wiss & Company LLP according to those who already have. Clients rank Wiss 9.4/10 for listening and understanding their needs. They rank Wiss 9.3/10 for responding to their requests in a timely manner. "Wiss Advisory Services blend technology, accounting, and implementation knowledge to ensure your major business decisions exceed your expectations."

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