Wiss Private Client Advisors is an independent global financial advisory boutique. We are dedicated to working with family business owners, entrepreneurs and executives – in short, innovators - and their families to provide fully integrated solutions that:

  •  Address the financial complexities that come with wealth.
  •  Protect lifestyles throughout economic cycles.
  •  Help grow our clients’ wealth beyond liabilities, taxes, and inflation.

Our clients have sought us out to serve as their family’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer, across all seasons of their lives and varying business cycles. We are a true financial concierge, curating solutions for all issues related to your family and the complexity that wealth brings with it.


Over the years, we have learned from our clients that the key to every successful wealth creator was their ability to embrace the future, focus on the details and execute with unwavering discipline. We apply those same principles when working with you and your family.

Our approach is proactive. We listen. We probe. And then, we distill all the elements that makeup and impact your financial, professional and family situations, from your assets, liabilities and cash flows to the taxes and inflation that can erode your wealth.

With this deep understanding, we develop and implement a fully integrated wealth management plan and comprehensive and risk-balanced investment strategy. Our goal is to create a secure future for you…however you define it.

Moving forward, we continually stress test our plan for black swan events to make sure it is robust enough to endure market cycles. Effective wealth management is a dynamic and continuous process. As your trusted partner and advisor, we systematically revisit and adjust your plan to reflect any planned or unforeseen changes in your life. 


We understand the institutional flows and multi-asset dynamics driving markets and volatility from our first-hand experiences at some of the world’s most innovative financial firms. Today our success depends on our ability to identify, assess and manage risks for your family in the context of the bespoke financial plan we have partnered with you to create. We take a long-term institutional approach to risk management and partner with some of the best institutional managers in each asset class that the world has to offer to create portfolios in order to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth and reach your long-term goals.

Our Expertise

Stephanie Hughes, Partner in Charge of Wiss Private Client Advisors, has an extensive Wealth Management background with some of the most innovative and prestigious global investment houses including:

  • Merrill Lynch - Wealth Management
  • UBS International - Wealth Management
  • Goldman Sachs - Institutional Emerging Markets Fixed Income
  • BNP Paribas - Institutional Currencies
  • Prudential Bache (Jefferies Bache) - Institutional Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Deloitte & Touche - Economist, Transfer Pricing

Our Private Client Services

  • Multigenerational Financial Planning
  • Personal Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Advisory
  • Asset Protection Advisory
  • Investment Management
  • Philanthropic Advisory
  • Family Meeting Facilitation and Wealth Education through Wiss Family Institute

The information on this website is for informational purposes only. This website does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Investment advisory services are offered through Wiss Private Client Advisors, a registered investment adviser.