Are you having trouble keeping up with your financial reporting? 

Do you have a pile of receipts not yet entered?

Are you hesitant when producing monthly income and balance sheets?

Are your investors, corporate documents and cap tables unorganized?

WEST is a bookkeeping service that makes it easy for early stage companies to thrive through organization and discipline in a cost-effective manner, with the end goal of increasing your company’s probability of getting financed. A disciplined calendar and approach will limit the ad hoc SOS calls that make legal and accounting services unprofitable. Backed by a 200-person accounting firm, WEST’s team members will work with your business monthly to handle the more complex accounting issues while you can do what you do best – focus on your business. Learn more about how WEST can be your partner in success. 

Investor/corporate documents and cap tables all in one place

Having this function organized is a critical component to existing and future investors having confidence in your company. It will be required in any investor diligence process so having lag is not an option. WEST will organize all of your important documents -- cap tables, financial statements, expense and vendor management through an efficient software and bookkeeping process.

How to stay proactive while rapidly growing

WEST has developed a proprietary software platform that has trigger events that pick up required actions from QuickBooks and in partnership with WEST bookkeepers and partners. Without this program, critical items will be missed because a) there is no way for you to know about them; and b) the information is not effectively getting to experts that could help.

Investor communication/management improvement

WEST has designed a process that includes software and services to make sure you are a top 5% communicator and operator in the eyes of investors.  It includes both investor reporting and employee reporting that will build confidence. The WEST program also includes the ability to get your financial statements right; organize the financial function, and identify key issues in advance avoiding critical mistakes.

Additional consulting expertise

  • Employee Management
  • Operational Improvement
  • Incentive Finance
  • International or Sales Tax
  • Angels, Seed & Early Stage VCs
  • Access to various professional services network

Find out more

WEST is the ultimate tool for catapulting your business to success. To view our full profile and learn more, click here. 

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