With the emergence of new technology, it’s an exciting time to rock with the new media world.  With Wiss by your side, you will have a partner to grow with.  We want to be there from the very beginning and help along the way so you no longer have to change accountants.  We speak your language, as we have a deep knowledge of the industry.  From knowing the thrill of winning an MSA from an awesome client to breaking down statement of work details, we are here to assist you in a quick, responsive way with care.  At the end of the day, accounting is accounting, but the network, connections, and flexibility we can provide you are invaluable.


  • Software selection
  • Tax incentives
  • International tax
  • Key metrics and measuring performance
  • Upgrade reporting
  • Bank financing
  • Tackling independent contractor vs. employee issues
  • Simplifying NEXUS regulations