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How to Make Sure Your Bookkeeping is Efficient and Accurate

By Wiss, Posted in Outsourced Accounting & Tax

By Laura Melville Get organized. Stay timely. Be informed. These three mandates can change the way you manage your books and free you up to focus on other tasks needed to grow your company. Here are some effective bookkeeping strategies to help keep your business on track.  Understand and communicate the importance of timely and accurate financial reports. Make sure responsible parties are trained on how to keep records,  how to create reports and when those reports are due for review by man... read more.

Pitfalls to Avoid when Hiring an Outsourced Accounting Firm

By Wiss, Posted in Outsourced Accounting & Tax

By Carolyn Hall and Craig Jackson Accounting is necessary in any type of business to assess a company’s revenue and resources. In some instances, businesses simply do not have the manpower or ability to conduct their own accounting, thus triggering the search for an outsourced accounting firm. As a company begins this search for a firm to handle their back office function, there are a few standout pitfalls to avoid. Lack of transparencyWith today’s cloud technology, business owners should have... read more.

Make the Outsourced Accounting Transition and Watch your Business Soar

By Wiss, Posted in Outsourced Accounting & Tax

By Carolyn Hall Many companies consider outsourcing their accounting services at some point in their development, whether it is to support growth, improve efficiency or simply ease the administrative burden on their staff. There are a number of advantages, but it is a big decision to outsource part of your operations. Here are five key reasons to consider making the transition.  With that responsibility out of the way, you can focus on your core strengths. The primary reason to consider hiring an o... read more.

How to Determine your Company's Meaningful Key Performance Indicators

By Wiss, Posted in Outsourced Accounting & Tax

By Carolyn Hall  The first step in setting up the books of a business is identifying meaningful metrics. Whether it is a professional services firm or a real estate client, each business owner has individual views and preferences about analyzing the business. Identifying critical key performance indicators (KPI) upfront is important so that the accounting systems can be set up to measure the crucial aspects of a business. In the end, the goal is to present an accurate snapshot of the financial KPIs,... read more.

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