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Employment Tax Filings for Nonprofits: How to Ensure Compliance with IRS Rules

By Wiss, Posted in Not For Profit

By Linda Curro Nonprofit organizations frequently form organically, in response to a need in the community. The people who establish and run them are usually concerned citizens and activists, passionate about the cause, but often less knowledgeable about the operational and financial aspects of running a nonprofit organization. However, it is critical for nonprofit leaders to understand business and finance, particularly when it comes to employment tax compliance. Failure to properly declare and file tax... read more.

Alleviate Additional Year-End Reporting Stress by Simplifying the 1099 Process

By Wiss, Posted in Advisory Services

By Felice Rudolph If your company works with nonemployee service providers “in the course of business,” you may be subject to 1099 reporting requirements. Failing to file these forms may result in penalties, so here’s what you need to know to keep your business in compliance. 1099 reporting requirements You’re required to send 1099-MISC forms to vendors when payments to them total $600 or more during the calendar year for: Services performed for your business by someone who&rsq... read more.