Tax Bill Impact on Transportation Benefits

By Wiss, Posted in Not For Profit

Its intentions are good, but the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) can have a negative effect on non-profit organizations in at least a couple ways. We’ll take a look at how one of the new provisions of the TCJA complicates the provision of what might be a much-needed benefit for some of your employees. Disallowed Benefits The IRS explains the tax code change, known as section 512(a)(7), under the heading “Increase in unrelated business taxable income by disallowed fringe.” This new Inte... read more.

Exchange of Information Systems in International Commerce

By Wiss, Posted in International Tax Services

By Mary Vasilescu, CPA, MST Background In this new age of technology and ever-expanding global commerce, there is a growing need among industrialized countries for tax information sharing and cooperation among their respective tax authorities for the purposes of tax enforcement, as well as tax evasion detection and mitigation.  This can be evidenced by the recent advent of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (known as “FATCA”) which has resulted in over one hundred inter-governmental a... read more.

New Jersey Employers Subject To New Paid Sick Leave law

By Wiss, Posted in Human Resources

By Lisa Calick, SPHR New Jersey employers will soon be faced with new requirements to provide paid sick leave to all employees.  Signed into law by Governor Murphy earlier this year, the new requirements will take effect on October 29th.  As stated in an earlier blog, this mandate applies to businesses of all sizes and requires employers to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave to employees, including part-time, temporary and seasonal employees.  Businesses that do not currently of... read more.

7 Common Mistakes Made by Early Stage Companies

By Wiss, Posted in Technology

By Donna Woronka, CPA, MBA Early stage entrepreneurs have plenty on their minds, from developing and launching their new product or service, to establishing customer and vendor relationships, to hiring employees and raising capital to make it all possible. There’s a lot that can potentially slip through the cracks. Issues related to state and federal compliance is an area that is not frequently at the top of the list.   In my 20+ years working with over one hundred early stage companies, t... read more.

Preparing Your Business for an ERP Implementation

By Wiss, Posted in Technology

There are few administrative initiatives that might prove more challenging to more of your employees in more departments than the launch or changeover of an ERP system. Don’t get me wrong -- in time you’ll all feel that it’s totally worth it in terms of enhanced productivity and accuracy. It’s just that you’ll all work up a sweat getting there. In an earlier blog post I described your Enterprise Resource Planning system as being the brain center of your company. So an ERP impl... read more.

Summer Spotlight: Joanne Spencer Goes to Puerto Rico for Mini Mission Trip

By Wiss, Posted in Wiss Gets Personal

When Tax Assistant, Joanne Spencer, is not working or studying for her Master’s in Divinity at Drew University, she finds time to volunteer. She recently had an opportunity to take a long weekend to help with Hurrican relief in Puerto Rico.     Joanne sought out this opportunity after taking a course in Educational Ministry for her Master’s, in which she chose to focus on Puerto Rican history and culture. With the knowledge from that class and the recent events of Hurricane Ma... read more.

Summer Spotlight: Kelsey Silverstein Soaks up the Antigua Sun

By Wiss, Posted in Wiss Gets Personal

Kelsey Silverstein, Talent Development Associate, spent a week in St. Mary’s Parish, Antigua vacationing with her mom and sister.  The trip was in celebration of Kelsey's recent graduation from Rutgers University as well as her sister's graduation from Concordia College's Master's Program. With school completed, the girls were excited to destress. They took full advantage of the all-inclusive resort by jet skiing, sail boating and snorkeling. Despite all of the fun activities, the highlight... read more.

Summer Spotlight: Pat Gianforte Explores Northwest America!

By Wiss, Posted in Wiss Gets Personal

Pat Gianforte, Senior Associate, takes outdorsy trip to Montana!  This summer Pat Gianforte took a trip to Bozeman Montana to visit with his cousin. He spent time hiking, camping and visiting local breweries. The highlight of the trip was hiking through the Bridger Moutain Range all the way to Sacagawea Peak. At the top, not only was there a beautiful view of all the Gallatin Valley, but also mountain goats.  There are many great breweries around Bozeman including Bozone Brewery, Map Brewing C... read more.

HR ALERT: NYC Faces New Sexual Harassment Responsibilities

By Wiss, Posted in Human Resources

New York City and New York State employers need to be aware of upcoming responsibilities resulting from the passage of anti-sexual harassment laws earlier this year.  The most immediate change goes into effect on September 6, 2018 when New York City employers will need to comply with the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act.  As of that date, all employers will be required to post the required anti-sexual harassment notice in the workplace and provide this information to employees at the time of hir... read more.

Summer Spotlight: Matt Barbieri Takes On Iceland!

By Wiss, Posted in Wiss Gets Personal

Partner, Matt Barbieri, takes advantage of his summer with several trips and fun activities!  When he is not at work, coaching baseball or football, making wine or watching dance recitals, Matt finds time for vacation with his family and friends. This summer he took a 5-day trip to Iceland with his wife as well as a trip to the Outer Banks with both family and freinds. One of the many highlights of his trip to Iceland was the beautiful Blue Lagoon. He also enjoyed the food especially the yogurt and s... read more.

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