Update - “Parking Tax” Alert! Interim Guidance Released

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By: Linda Curro, Karen Henderson and Diana Miller On December 10th, the IRS issued Notice 2018-99 (“Notice”) addressing guidance with respect to the tax treatment of qualified transportation fringe (“QTF”) benefits; specifically how employers should determine the amount of any nondeductible parking expense for employer provided parking.  The Notice has provided guidance as to the disallowed parking expenses associated with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which currentl... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 4: Lauren Stella

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year, even though I often feel some stress in those last days of trying to find the perfect gift!  During the holidays, or any stressful time, I have a few favorite activities that I lean on for self-care. The first, and most helpful, is spending time with my fiancé and our families.  I am extremely family-oriented and always do my best to spend as much time with family as I can. I can always depend on my fiancé for a good laugh, my parents and b... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 7: Jay Jenco

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Self-care is important, and it’s something that is easy to under prioritize in our busy lives. We spend most of the day working and doing things for others, and it’s important to take care of yourself. There are a few activities I do in order unwind and relax. Every day, I take my dog on long walks/runs early in the morning and late at night. This is time I use to clear my head, listen to music, catch up on podcasts, think or nothing at all. It’s my time alone (with the dog), and at the sa... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 6: Lexie Chen

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Self-care is extremely important, especially in an industry like ours.  As such, I try to do everything in my power to ensure that my work/life balance is in check. During the off seasons, when I have more time to myself, I try to unwind by doing the things that I love: eating good food, spending time with the people I care about, travelling and trying to find new and exciting adventures in the area and abroad! I love to try different cuisines with my family and friends and living in this area allows... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 5: David Singletary

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I have many ways in which I can unwind after a stressful day at work. From exercise to cooking, a lot of my favorite things to do also help me relax. Working out, keeps me energized and feeling good. With all the to-dos we have during the day, it’s an easy one to check off the list. When the weather is nice, I like to take walks, either at work around the building or at home through my neighborhood. It’s always nice to stop and smell the roses when things get hectic. I also always make sure to g... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 3: Mary Pratt

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For me the best way to de-stress, unclutter the mind and strengthen the body is to take a hike out in the woods. It’s so peaceful to be away from everything, phone off (normally…lol), enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. There are plenty of beautiful places nearby so there’s always somewhere different to go, but I do have a favorite short hike that I do often. I’m looking forward to a snowy winter as it puts a whole new perspective on things! I enjoy hiking alone when I need t... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 2: Michael Suserman

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If the question what do I do for self-care was asked to me two years ago, my answer would instantly be: sports, sports, and sports.  Playing sports, watching sports, and talking about sports has always taken my mind off everything and has helped me find a peace of mind as this is mostly all I did growing up.  But two years later, if you asked me the same question, the number one factor in my self-care is someone who means everything to me in my life, my nephew, Justin.   I never kn... read more.

12 Days of Self-Care - Day 1: Steve Nation

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Self-care to me is making good decisions, living a healthy and active lifestyle and spending time with family and friends. This starts with making good food choices, foods that are low in carbs, starches and fat.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely some pizza going down but it’s in moderation.  Living an active lifestyle is important. I do group fitness classes with my wife; it’s fun to spend time together and push each other.  I also lift weights and walk for mil... read more.

4 Easy Steps to a Paperless Company

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By David Singletary Remember the prime promise to the business community as the computer age took hold? Paper will become obsolete. Every memo, letter, contract, and spreadsheet will be stored on a relatively small stack of floppy disks. (Yeah, it was a few years ago when that promise was made.) So what happened? Nowadays, you can store just about everything “in the cloud,” a virtual patch of real estate located somewhere in cyberspace. Leading cloud storage options are more secure than your... read more.

HR & Payroll Year End Readiness

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By Lisa Calick, Carolyn Hall, Floriana Allen, and Laura Melville The end of the year can be busy for many companies.  While December brings holiday parties and end-of-year celebrations, business owners should be mindful to make sure their HR and payroll departments are on top of timely actions in order to ensure a smooth transition into the New Year.  This checklist will help you get a jumpstart on your year-end planning. Human Resources Review your employees’ data to make sure you have... read more.